October 2013

PT. Pelayaran Samudra Inter Nusa made a deal to purchase a new tugboat in October 2013. "Samudra Tirta 11" is choosen as the name of the new tugboat. The picture below shows the launching process of TB. Samudra Tirta 11.

Three vessels of PT. Pelayaran Samudra Inter Nusa serve the material distribution in Batam Island dan fully operated to maintain the progress of Batam development.


August 2013

In August, 2013, TB. Samudra Tirta 7 and TK. Tirta Amarta 9 for the first time serve Samudra Tirta Group customer. This more than 1000 HP tugboat hauls a more than 1500 GT barge.

July 2013

Samudra Tirta Group, especially PT. Pelayaran Samudra Inter Nusa, through a commitment to continue to provide the best service for our customers and to provide the best services on on time tugboat/barge freight forwarding, then our company in early 2013, added a fleet of tugboat and barge.

We are proud to announce in our official web page, that TB. Tirta Samudra 7 and TK.